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The online social networking service ‘Twitter’ celebrated its 10th birthday this March, in honour of this very special birthday Boost Digital Marketing Solutions presents you with 10 interesting facts about Twitter, 1 facts for each year the site has been in existence.

  1. Sweden’s official state account is called @SWEDEN. Every week a Swedish citizen is chosen, at random, to manage the account for that week. This is the result of a social media campaign initiated in 2011.
  2. Twitter reported 320 million active users in the last quarter of 2015.
  3. The official account of Jacob Zuma’s, South Africa’s current head of state, presently has 401 thousand followers on Twitter, he last Tweet was on the 6th of October 2013.
  4. Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey had the honour of sending out the world’s first ever Tweet which read: “just setting up my Twttr”.
  5. Friendstalker and Twttr where early ideas for the site’s name.
  6. Daniel Knight Hayden was the first ever person to be prosecuted for Tweeting. He was arrested by FBI agents in 2009 after posting politically charged death threats on the social media site.
  7. The hashtag #Nowthatchersdead caused a tremendous amount of confusion on twitter. The hashtag referenced the passing of Margret Thatcher, many people thought pop star Cher had passed away.
  8. The first billion tweets took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to be composed and sent out, at the moment it only takes 2 days for users to produce 1 billion tweets. In fact the average amount of tweets posted every minute is approximately 347,000.
  9. By analysing tweet activity related to the flu, Twitter can actually predict forthcoming outbreaks of the illness.
  10. According to studies conducted by Chicago University’s Booth Business School, Twitter is more addictive than alcohol or cigarettes.
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