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Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.

Building a website without taking Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into account is like planning a road trip to no-where. Let our expert team of SEO specialists get you noticed, and keep your website ranking high all the way to sale conversions.

Done right, Search Engine Optimisation can rocket you to the top of a search result page. Our Goal : to optimize your website so that it shows among the top three results. Ranking high is crucial for driving the right traffic to your site. Our knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation and our experience in building enticing websites help us to help you get the rankings you need, the customers you’re after and the conversions you need to drive the success of your business.

Our SEO techniques rely on search engine best practices that make product pages worthy of the rank they recieve. We work tirelessly to make sure your  brand earns authority in search engines and your website gain search engine and potential customers trust.

We encourage our clients to use a broad mind when hiring specialists to encompass Search Engine Optimisation, using both paid search (SEM) and organic search (SEO) marketing campaigns will greatly improve the possibility of conversions as the brand starts to dominate the search engines front page. Each campaign relies on completely different strategies which Invade Digital Media excels at. Search engine optimisation assists your website to become naturally accessible to a search engine when users search for your products or services.

SEO and Google Ads

SEO is a method that makes your website content relevant to search engines. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps to rank your website higher in the organic or natural search results. By optimizing your website, search engines see your site as the most relevant in accordance to the search query and put your site in top spots on the natural search results.

Google Ads on the other hand, is advertising that makes it possible for you to place your advertisement on the top or right hand side of Google and their affiliate websites through paid search (A kind of pre-paid result). You can target specific keywords or phrases and display your offerings every time they search as long as you have budget left. It is much like needing airtime for your cellphone, you would buy airtime, load it and only once you make a call does the amount start to deplete, once someone clicks on your advert your budget will start to deplete, once depleted your advert will disappear until it is “topped up” having a professional agency like Invade Digital Media manage your Ad campaign can great increase your quality score, reducing the cost per click and keeping your advert up for longer.

You may have already realised that making sure your Search Engine Optimization is correctly implemented within your website can great improve your rankings in various search engines. This is a service Invade Digital Media specialises and succeeds at time and time again. Let us help you!