Get Networking: Being Social Online Boosts Your Brand.

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Boost Digital acknowledges that social media has the potential to exert a far greater effect than paid advertising. Say goodbye to circling the room with a cocktail glass – social networking means one clever statement falling on hundreds or thousands of ears.

While some have dismissed social media as a passing trend, it is clear that this is far from true. Instead, consider social media a complicated but valuable tool that can skyrocket your business’s reach.

In 2014, Hubspot reported that 80% of marketers indicated that social media marketing increased traffic to their websites. However, despite a healthy 97% of marketers using social media, as many as 85% of those did not know what social media was best suited to their brand or how to use it effectively. Inviting expert assistance from Boost Digital can help you to harness that power.

Social media marketing is successful because it taps into the innate human need people have to connect with other people. Since social media operates at real-time, consumers are offered the chance to have conversations with the people forming the backbone of the company. Companies too benefit from these open portals for feedback, immediately able to improve their customer service experience. The inclusion of a blog on your website is also a valuable way of sharing your knowledge on a topic, showcasing your competence, as well as sending a simple kind message: that you are willing to help people to understand. Answering consumer queries or sharing information with them in this way all builds a relationship. It is much easier to market to people who feel a connection.

Boost Digital assists with social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linked in and YouTube. Which one is the most effective? The trick comes in knowing which social media is best suited to your brand image. Instagram works particularly well with brands using a lot of images, as well as those targeting the young adult market. One should keep in mind that two thirds of Google+ users are men, mostly in technical professions, while LinkedIn is particularly effective for use with business-to-business related companies. You might make use of Facebook if you want a wide reach targeting both men and women.

Furthermore, our social media analytics can provide insight into your clientele by monitoring their behavioral patterns and analyzing their demographics. This allows you to target the specific needs of your customers on the right platform, at the right time.

Social media marketing is especially low-budget since it requires only an internet connection, and yet remains extremely high-benefit. Companies who express themselves on various social media channels have more opportunities to convert people towards their brand, and enjoy a boosted type of word-of-mouth when influential social media users share their content. In addition, social media-active brands experience increased levels of brand loyalty from consumers, as indicated in studies done by both Texas Tech University and Convince&Convert.

It is unmistakable that social media – when utilized to its maximum by those who know how – is an invaluable tool for any business seeking to expand.

Boost Digital offers a Social Media Marketing package. Contact us at for increased brand recognition, improved brand loyalty, higher brand authority, increased inbound website traffic, and an expanded audience