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What exactly does the term ‘Google AdWords’ refer to?

If you own or run a business, you may already have come across the term ‘Google AdWords’, but what is this? To put it simply, AdWords is a Google owned program, which facilitates the implementation of online advertising. The great thing about this program is its ability to target individuals seeking your particular services and products.

The utilisation of AdWords can aid your business in the areas of promotion, sales, increasing brand awareness and increased levels of website traffic.

How does a business benefit from AdWords?

Google AdWords works fast and as such you are able to see the effects of your advertising campaign almost immediately. It instantly starts directing visitors to your site and given a short period of time, you will be able to access valuable data such as, the efficiency of your keyword choice. Optimising your keywords will result in even more traffic to your site and lead to an increase in revenue.

What’s more, is that by strategically using AdWords, you will gain a leg up on your competition. If your business ranks high up on Google’s search results, then your site will receive a higher number of visitors.

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