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As a business you have to consider the volley of marketing techniques available to you. Having a marketing strategy that targeting modern day Earthlings may present a number of problems, the main issue being the rapid rate at which technology and its users evolve. Currently Video Marketing is taking off, people relish watching videos and so this is no surprise.

Many Earth-bound statistics suggest that by the year 2017 almost 74 percent of online traffic will be directed through video, furthermore it has been suggested that 52 percent of marketers (worldwide) identify Video Marketing as the approach that provides the greatest ROI (Return On Investment).

So, how can your business actually benefit from the use of a Video Marketing strategy? Well just like the universe, the possibilities are infinite. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the big ones.

Your potential customers enjoy watching videos

With YouTube’s 4 billion+ views every single day as a backdrop we have immediate proof of the great power held within this platform. Interestingly YouTube has become one of the most widely used search engines in existence, second only to the search engine king ‘Google’.

Want more statistics? here we go, 78 percent of people watch at least one YouTube video every week, 55 percent of people watch at least one video every day, 92 percent of B2B clients watch videos online, 48 percent of the customer pool have indicated that online videos inspire trust and 34 percent of potential consumers are actually far more likely to buy a product or service post viewing of an online video advert.

Videos are easy to search and access

When using Google to search online, approximately 70 percent of the top listings are videos, thereby making those videos extremely easy to access. Adding to that, the posting of a video on any of the multitude of social media platforms will organically gain Google’s attention and increase your ranking within search results, also presenting users with quick access directly to your site.

Understanding your customer pool

Having YouTube in your corner is a definite advantage as they offer up all kinds of insightful information about the way in which viewers behave, especially the viewers who are interacting with your videos i.e. your customer pool

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