The difference between SEO and AdWords and the Pro’s and Con’s

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Firstly, What is the difference between Organic search and Google AdWords:

This may seem like a “no brainer” to some but this is by far the most common question clients ask us, so i have decided to make sure this bullet point explanation falls on the homepage of Boost Digital Online Marketing Solutions website.

Before we get to the differences it is worthy to note that from our experience and the experience of our clients we find that there is a clear divide between the percentage of users that click on a Google AdWords advert or websites ranking organically through Search Engine Optimization.

Google AdWords:

  • Instant results
  • you only Pay Per Click
  • You advert will show as long as you have budget, trick is to make sure you don’t run out as your advert will stop showing completely.
  • the higher your quality score per ad the lower your Cost Per Click
  • Roughly 30 – 35% of users will click on a Google AdWords ad.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Long term strategy (Between 3 months to a year)
  • Organic results do not have a charge per click
  • 24/7 visibility
  • Constant maintenance is required or you will slowly drop in the search engine ranking
  • Roughly 65 – 70% of users will click in the organic search

Pros and Cons of Google AdWords

When you consider the tremendous number of sites going after top spots in Search Engines, there are similarly less contending pages in Google AdWords. Your promotions have a superior shot of introduction to your intended interest group, notwithstanding when utilizing aggressive essential words. When you set an AdWords Campaign and Google checks your advertisements you will in a split second begin to get focus on movement to your site bringing about leads and potential new business.

In any case, there are a few disadvantages. There is a charge to place advertisements on the AdWords Campaign and if your ads are not targeted correctly or the keywords are not relevant, AdWords could depleting your budget from your campaign. Google has tight regulations overseeing their ads. A rupture of the guidelines can mean lifetime deactivation of your AdWords account.

Pros and Cons of Organic SEO

The pros of SEO are broad. SEO is generally a savvy strategy for advertising your site. That, as well as if your decisive words are every now and again searched, you are interested in expanded activity to your site which will increase your revenue. There are numerous SEO strategies to fit your online presence, for example, on-page SEO, press releases, substance promoting, social networking showcasing and external link establishment that can truly enhance your web footprint.

There are likewise cons to utilizing SEO as your only way of online advertising. In the event that you are focusing on a wide essential word, for example, “PCs” then your conversions may be alot lower. That, as well as some decisive words are competitive to the point that it may take months before you see any activity. Algorithms are continually transforming, you can go from the top spot, to the second or third page in a period of weeks. To keep up top positions you will need to screen your pivotal words to keep a close eye on your rivals catchphrases.

Why They Work Best Together

SEO and Google AdWords complement one another. SEO is successful in driving users to your site. While it can be shaken up by the algorithms, you can normally return to the top rapidly on the off chance that you direct your SEO battle systematically. At the point when your SEO methodology is taking longer than you expected, AdWords can instantly help drive activity in focused specialties while you are building up your web footprint in the natural results.

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