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Businesses both large and small in size, can benefit significantly from the effective and strategic use of different social media platforms for marketing purposes. At Boost Digital Marketing Solutions we can help you make the most of your Social Media Marketing crusade.

The calculated use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can help your business to efficiently identify and connect with your target audience. Isolating user demographics and behavioural patterns will help you to better understand the needs and wants of your established and potential customer base. The insight gained in this area can aid in improving your customer service and allow you to connect with people on a more personal level through the instant feedback afforded to you by the real-time nature of social media. Social Media Marketing is also an affordable way to increase your brand awareness amid the general public.

Statistics suggest that more than 3 billion people actively use the internet on a daily bases, that means almost half of earths entire population make use of the World Wide Web, suggesting a yearly growth rate of around 10 percent. In January 2015 the amount of active social media accounts number in the region of 2 billion and counting, this is almost a third of the world’s entire population. It is suggested that these numbers are on a constant and steady rise, with no intention of slowing down as more and more people in the developing world are gaining internet connectivity each day that passes.

All these statistics are indicative of the wide reach held by internet related technologies and the potential power your business can tap into when accessing the use of Social Media Marketing. At the top of the social media pyramid you will find Facebook, who reported 1.550 billion active users in January 2016. Facebook is followed by Tumblr who boasts 555 million users and Instagram at 400 million users with 70 million photos and videos uploaded each day. Twitter reports 320 million users who publish upwards of 500 million tweets daily. Pinterest and LinkedIn follow Twitter each numbering approximately 100 million users in January of 2016.  Statistics imply that Pinterest users are predominantly female, who make up 80 percent of its users. 88 percent of Pinterest users end up purchasing the product they have pinned.

The data and research points to the fact that one Facebook post or tweet on Twitter has the potential to reach millions of users around the world, doing so in just a few seconds and with the press of just one button. Further studies suggest that the higher the number of followers a business has the more trust becomes invested in that business, in other words number of followers = increased credibility. It has also been estimated that the average internet user spends roughly 4 hours online each day, with an average user spending so much time online it is no wonder that a study by Forbes would indicate that small businesses, effectively using Social Media Marketing, can attract up to 78 percent of their new customers by advertising on different social media platforms.

All these statistics and studies serve to reinforce the value and potential of a successful Social Media Marketing campaign. The staff employed here at Boost Digital Marketing Solutions are specialists in this area, we provide a number of packages aimed at increasing the profitability of your business by managing your social media accounts and promoting your services over a number of widely used platforms. Get ahead of the pack by contacting us via email at or give us a call on +27 87 135 2444.