What Does Winning In Search Look Like?

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This is difficult to answer and there no easy way to explain this, But MD of Boost Digital (Pty) Ltd Craig Schelin believes you can reach your goals online simply by making the correct decisions when deciding where to invest.

The most common question clients ask is, “Why is it important to reach your goals online?, and if i do reach my goals by having an online presence, whats in it for me? Although it would be great to have a universal response, the problem is that the answer is largely depending on a multiple of factors.

A healthy return on investment (ROI) would be an obvious first choice answer but in most cases, it’s difficult to calculate ROI unless you have a set price and profit product or service, and even then, it is dependent on the integrity of your analytics setup.

Is it worth the investment?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Organic Search is becoming harder to compete, and Google AdWords CPCs (cost per clicks) are increasing as more companies enter the market, If you are thinking about making a move online, now is the time says Schelin.

With enough dedication and having a decent strategy, any website can still have first-place organically within the Google search engine, it just may require patience as this is a fairly long term strategy but definitely worth your while, whilst Pay Per Click advertising prices continue to increase Search Engine Optimization is definitely a worth while alternative.

The main reason for this, says Schelin, “once you’ve managed to successfully rank your website organically the cost per click becomes null-and-void as Google does not charge a cost per click for websites that rank organically.

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