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Google X, now known simply as X, is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. (the parent company of Google). X is located a short distance away from the Googleplex, Google’s headquarters in the city of Mountain View, California. If you are important or lucky enough to be invited to this location, you would find a team of talented and forward thinking individuals who are confronting some of the most perplexing issues related to computer science.

Activities and work being done at this location are directed by Sergey Brin and monitored by scientist/entrepreneur Astro Teller who holds the job title ‘Captain of Moonshots’. X came into being in 2010 when Google first began the development of their driverless cars and the lab operates in semi-secrecy. Working in the field of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, computational neuroscience and health care, projects developed in this department are geared toward risk taking inventions that have the potential to change the world and benefit people on a global level. Where obstacles, drastic solutions and breakthrough technologies intersect is where X operates.

The team at X seek to solve large issues that, once overcome, have the potential to drastically improve the lives of millions of people. This strategy has prompted a number of interesting projects such as the development of self-driving cars and Project Loon.

Project Loon

Project Loon hopes to create a network of balloons, equipped with wireless routers, which will be placed in the stratosphere and provide internet access to all corners of the Earth.

Project Wing

Another interesting project in development is called Project Wing. This project is aimed at the development of a system which will quickly and efficiently deliver packages and products by making use of airborne vehicles. Project Wing was announced in August of 2014 but work on this project had already secretly begun approximately two years prior. At this point in time X was already in the testing phase, which was being carried out in Australia.

Nanoparticle Research

Google X employs over 100 doctors and scientists in their life sciences department. A major focus of this department is the production and development of a cancer detecting bracelet. The idea is that a person will have to take a number of nanoparticle filled tablets, the nanoparticles then traverse the person’s body in search for cancerous cells. Should any be found, the nanoparticle will bond to the cell, light up and and travel to the bracelet via magnetic pull. The technology is however, still a long way from being a part of the public domain. What’s more is that the lab at Google X developed a synthetic skin so that they could begin testing this nanoparticle technology.

Long-Lasting Batteries

The Google X lab is currently in the process of developing long lasting batteries for the world’s mobile devices.

Contact Lens

Google X has developed a contact lens with a tiny built-in camera which will aid people with visual impairment. These contact lenses have the ability to warn its wearer of traffic when crossing over a road and offers high speed facial recognition.

Rejected Ideas

A number of projects have been considered and rejected by the team at Google X. Some of the rejected ideas focused on teleportation, hover boards, levitation, a jetpack and an elevator that reaches all the way into space. These ideas were rejected as they were deemed impractical and focus was shifted towards ideas with more potential.

The staff employed at Boost Digital Marketing Solutions are eagerly awaiting the amazing inventions that the Google X team are currently working on. We will also be looking out for further announcements of upcoming projects, as yet unknown.